The easiest way to pack some good nutrients in a quick dish , is the absolut secret of all secrets . . . but I’m a nice person and will offer you the magical key of quick & healthy πŸ˜‰


Go and buy an electric pressure cooker!

No , this is not a joke!!! You will fell in love – from the first cup of water you put in this heavenly kitchen creature πŸ˜€ 

beside my powerhorse’ blender this is the most of all used tool in my kitchen , and if you are a lazy cook , if you are someone who just live on bakery goods and sandwiches . . . and even if you don’t know how to boil water . . . with a pressure cooker you will be your own and personal Martha Stewart in your daily cooking spirit   πŸ˜…

2 P 

1 cup Pasta of your choice

1 cup  marinara sauce 

2 cloves garlic

1 onion , diced

2 carrots , diced

1 bell pepper , diced

1 cup corn

1 cup pre cooked kidney beans

1/2 cup pre cooked black beans

2 tsp of your favorite dried Italien herbs

1 tsp Koriander seeds , ground

2 JalapeΓ±os , diced (skip if you don’t like spice)

1 cup veggie soup stock 

some fresh herbs



Pour all the ingredients in your pressure cooker pot and give it a stir .

Close the lid and set on  PRESSURE for 4 minutes.

If it’s ready release the steam naturally by its own , which will take around 10 min .

Now open the lid and be happy about your unbelieveable cooking talent πŸ˜œπŸ˜…

Serve it with vegan sour cream of your choice and some chives.


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