If I see someone eating a tuna sandwich or sushi or what so ever . . . my stomach goes upside down . . . I mean , what’s the deal here? eating tuna until the last one is gone ??? 

Yes , it is a nice texture and I’m on’ for a breeze of sea . . . but Nori does the job very well , and hey! chickpeas are my seaside friends at all – hahahahaha nobody is more fishy’ than these guys ;-D 

. . . your Bonus on this recipe : it’s super delish’ -it’s so much healthier for you and nobody has to die!

Isn’t that hilarious ???
4 P

For the sauce:

125g smoked tofu 

3 Tbsp  water 

1 Tbsp rice vinegar

1 Tbsp noutritional yeast 

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp tamari

1/2 tsp old bay spice or all spice or fish seasoning


Pour all the ingredients in a blender and blend it until smooth and creamy , if you Tofu is very rocky’ , you have to use more water for the creamy consistency !

For the seaside part:

1 can chickpeas , rinsed

4 artichoke hearts in water , rinsed

1 sheet Nori or 1 Tbsp seaweed flakes 

1 tsp mushroom powder 

Pour all the ingredients in a food processor and mix until crumbly and well combined , now toss all your sauce and mix it gently until you got a mash’ or pasty consistency .

Refrigerate for min. 30 min bevor use it in your dish!!!! nomnomnom 

I love it on toast , combined with mayo and onions into tuna spread . . .  or French salad (picture)

 ❤️ French salad ❤️ 

romain , potatoes , steamed green beans , olives , smoky tofu – cucumber , yellow tomatoes red onions , seaside chickpeas , lemon coconut  or other – sour cream of your choice , chives  and herbs de provence – delish!!!

#oilfree #saladeniçoise

But hey! Create whatever you want . . . you do you 🙂


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