I’m not patient enough to wait for raw potatoes to cook into crispy goodness . . . usual not in the morning 😉

On the other hand often I have leftovers from the day bevor which I have to use during the day – food waste is never an option!!!!

I love to use an waffle iron for making some veggie aka potato waffles , but many of you guys don’t have one of those helpers and if I’m honest – even to take out the waffle iron takes toooo long , of I’m hungry 😀

So I create this super easy and healthy version of hash brown – which you even can do on a hurry . . . 

1 p

You need a 20cm non stick pan for one portion! If you do a family size thing’ – use a bigger one !!!

2 – 3 cooked and cooled potatoes with or without skin – as you like !!

Potato spice mixture :

1 Tblsp Paprika 

2 tsp onion powder

1 tsp cumin 

1/4 tsp pepper

(Salt) to taste

For topping:

Herbs of your choice

some almond yoghurt or oilfree sour cream which you like or any other sauce. . . 

Mix it together a put in in a small jar – you can use it the next days.

Preheat your pan to medium heat.

In a bowl smash your potatoes with a fork until the stick together.

Now pour the potatoes in your pan and push it in a round shape – sprinkle some potato spice on the upper side’ – let it brown for something like 7 min , than flip it over and sprinkle some spice on – let it cook another 6 min (or longer if you want a darker finish)

Place your hash on a plate , topp it with some herbs and your favotrite sauce and enjoy some potato goodness!!!


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