Oh dear! I’m in love!!! No . . . not in that way . . . even if it would be nice too 😉 but in love with Rome oh yes!

Paris is called always the city of love – I’m not sure at all! Rome seams for me as a better choice – in terms of the name.

and this is not and because about the handsome guys . . .  more the traditional veggie dishes , makes me feel like in heaven of love ;-D

Since I’m back home , there is no day left , without any Italian influenced dish on my table – may I’m ready for a lifelong relationship ;-))

2 large servings

1 big broccoli , cleaned and in bite sices and the small leafs

3 gloves of garlic 

250g farfalle

Juice of 1 lemon

1 Tblsp almond mousse

2 Tblsp hot water



2 Tblsp pasta water 

if you are real Italian :

2 Tblsp olive oil 😉

Put a large pot with 2 L water on your stove , lid on and let boil the water until bubbling.

Meanwhile make the dressing with a shaker or your blender! pour lemon juice , almond mousse and hot water in a jar , shake or blend it until smooth and set aside.

Put the garlic gloves and your broccoli bites in the bubbling water and cook it for 5 min – take by scooping out and place in a bowl.

Now let the water bubble up again – sprinkle in some salt and pour in the farfalle .

Let them cook until tender with a bite . . . Italians call that “al dente” – scoop them out with a skimmer and place it direct on your broccoli !!! DON’T RINSE THE PASTA!!!

Now pour your dressing and 2 Tblsp of your pasta water over and mix it gently . . . serve it with some pretty broccoli leafs on top . . .   for Italian lovers:

Trizzle your olive oil 😉

If I’m in a wohoo! mood . . . there is always some vegan nut parmezzan in my fridge . . . I have my pasta with some hearty goodness ;-)))


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