If the winter temperatures want leave your hood , you need to have recovery food treatment for a cosy Sunday warm up .

This is a family dish , if you live a single life ;-))) you can make a huge batch too , and take it to the fridge for a next days ” non cooking ” lunch goodie ;-)))

Medium casserole

Preheat your Ofen to 200• degrees or 390•F

300 g Sauerkraut , rinsed , drained and cut in bite size

150 g Spätzle or small size Noodles 


150 g pre cooked potatoes (you can use even leftover ones)

50 g Spelt Seitan , diced (you can skip that part if you don’t like seitan)

1 onion , minzed


Cheeze Sauce:

1/2 Cup hemp hearts

150 g silk tofu 

or , if you wanna do a rich version

150 g cashew cream

2 mashed potatoes

1 Tblsp  flax seeds

1 Tblsp nutrition yeast

1 Cup water

or , for rich version plant milk


Pepper , to taste 

(Salt , if you need)

Pour all ingredients in your blender and blend it smooth and set aside.

In s pan roast your onions with a dash of water until golden , pour them with sauerkraut , spices the noodles , spätzle or potatoes in a bowl and mix it with a spatula.

Place the mixture in your casserole form , toss it with the cheeze sauce and layer the seitan pieces on it , and push them gently in the sauce . . . you should see some parts of it so they can roast .

Put the casserole in your oven and bake for 40 to 45 minutes.

Let it cool down for 15 min until you eat .

Serve it with lettuce ❤


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