Packed with raw  nutriens and a lot of the good stuff your body needs , on one hand . . . on the other , it tastes amazing ! That is what we looking for , right?

Make one mason jar 

1 cup hemp hearts

1/2 cup water

2 Tblsp lemon juice

Put all this  ingrediences in your blender (power one will make this in seconds!) and blend until smooth.

This is the base , which you can use as crème fraîche at its own!!!

For the ranch’ you pour in: 

1 Tblsp minced dill

1 Tblsp minced parsley

1 Tblsp  nutrition yeast

1 smal garlic clove , minced

1 tsp rice vinegar 



(1 pickled baby cucumber , minced)

Give to your smooth and delicious hemp heart base and pulse’ it few parts. 

If it’s too thick you can easily thin it out with some water until the consistency is as you want it !!!

Refrigerate . . . it will thicken up a bit and be good to go’ for the next days – yummy!!!


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