Kimchi Fried Sorghum

Kimchi fried rice is – I guess – one of the most popular dishes meanwhile .

It’s tasty! I love it !

But I like rice more in the plain version , with something extra on the side.

Other grains are better for “all in one pan/pot” dishes . . . in my opinion . . . they do not get soaky’ and give some extra flavor to your meal – try it! If you not ON with this , do it with your favorite what so ever’ on the next try ;-)))


1 onion , cutted in cubes

1 carott , in stripes

1 zucchini , in cubes

1 cup edamame beans

1 cup kimchi (it works best with some aged’ one – which is around in your fridge for a while ;- D

2 cups sorghum ( best from leftovers the other day . . . )

1/3 cup veggie stock



In a medium hot pan heat the water and fry your onions.

Pour in kimchi , the veggies and pepper and stir fry it until the veggies get softer.

Pour in the sorghum and mix it in gently part by part – every single sorghum should be coated with juicy kimchi ;-))

Infuse the stock sip by sip – during stir fry until the liquid is combined in and the sorghum had som crunch – now it’s ready to serve!!!

Place it in a bowl – drizzle some Sriracha if you are on the “super hot side” ;-))) and enjoy your meal with some chives and cucumbers on the side!!!


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