Green beans in hoisin sauce

In most of the Chinese restaurants you can find this green bean dish with beef in it . . . gosh! what does beef in there!!!? There is no need for it in a dish like this . . . or let me say there is no need anywhere . . . if you need a chewy texture in your serving you can add some seitan or ” beyond meat substitute – yeah! go for it!!! I don’t needed – cause I think the hoisin sauce gives this rich , spicy flavor which makes everything tasty . . . everything! except beef ;-)))
(4 P)

400 g green beans , washed

1 large valida onion ( sweet one! )

2 Tblsp soy sauce

2 Tblsp marple sirup

1 Tblsp sriracha

5 Tblsp hoisin sauce

juice of 1/2 lemon 

1 tsp garlic powder or fresh minced

1 cup vegetable broth

some cubes of very good tofu – which tastes good raw and uncooked

Some minced cilantro

Heat up a pan – if you need use water – and toast the onions until they get some colour.

Put in the green beans and stir.

Now you take the vegetable broth and pour in nip by nip some broth to the beans – it should sizzle every time you pour some more .

If the beans get softer you can add all the sauces and spices – stir it in and fill up with the rest of the broth.

Put the lid on , reduce the heat and let it simmer for 15 min.

Serve it with tofu cubes and cilantro together with rice and if you like it much as I do – some kimchi!!!



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