When I’m at my parents house on the country side , there are immediately thoughts about my grandma’s kitchen . . . maybe it’s about all the nature and fresh air around 😉

This isn’t now what she was cooking . . . but it’s something rural and reminiscent of my childhood .


2 cups cutted bread from the day before

1 cup plant milk (maybe more)

1/3 cup bread crumps

1 Tblsp flax seeds

1 Tblsp flour

1 Tblsp nutrition yeast

Salt & Pepper


1 cup steamed spinach 

Fill a large pot half full of water and put it on the stove on high heat.

Put all the ingredients for the dumplings in a bowl and mix it well with your hands – pour in the spinach – if the dough is to soft put more flour – is it to firm put more milk .

The consistency is right if you can form round dumplings which are firm and didn’t disintegrate if you put them into hot water.

Let slip all the dumplings in the boiling water.

They are ready if they come to the water surface and turn around.

Let the dumplings drain aside.


1 onion , in slices

1 small cabbage , in slices 

1 glas tomato polpa ( around 300ml)

1 cup cherry tomatoes

1 Tblsp coconut sugar

Juice of 1/2 lemon 


Salt and Pepper

1 cup vegetable stock


Herbs of your choice

Cashew Cream

In a ceramic pot stir fry the onions since they get some colour.

Put all the ingredients to the onions with a cup of veggie stock – cover with a lid and let it simmer on medium heat about 20 minutes.

Serve it with some herbs and the spinach dumplings – garnish with cashew cream – yummy!!!


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