🍉 years ago friends of mine came’ up with a delicious recipe of a water melon and feta cheese salad . . .  which was the bomb obviously ;-))))  but during the years I stoped eating dairy  products and don’t eat those stuff anymore WELL!!! I never tried it on a vegan base and was … More GREEK MELON SALAD


You can use this hearty cheesy crumbs as parmesan something on your whatsoever hearty meal . . . but be aware , sometimes you don’t need a meal for finish’ the whole jar 😅 1 large jar 1/4 Cup walnuts 1/4 Cup cashews , toasted 1/4 Cup pecan nuts 1/2 – 1 Cup whole grain … More CHEEZY CRUMBS’


The easiest way to pack some good nutrients in a quick dish , is the absolut secret of all secrets . . . but I’m a nice person and will offer you the magical key of quick & healthy 😉 Ready? Go and buy an electric pressure cooker! No , this is not a joke!!! … More PASTA & BEANS


Smash your greens in . . . this is all I can say!!! If you want a glowy’ skin and a damn punch of energy you should eat simple and green , that’s for sure! You don’t like salad? Well , you never tried these ;-D 250g baby spinach , washed 1 lettuce heart , … More SPINACH SALAD